Leadership Profile: Santiago Carrillo

Santiago Carrillo has a diverse business background, which includes 15 years in the early childhood education  industry, 20 years in small entrepreneurial settings, and 10 years of experience in finance, marketing and information technology in large corporations. His broad and successful range of business experiences give him a wealth of knowledge to draw on in helping Smarts for All. 

Santiago is originally from Bogota, Colombia., After graduating from Universidad de los Andes, he began working for Xerox and HP in sales and marketing, and soon  embarked on his first business venture by creating a company that distributed digital printers.

In 2000, while earning his MBA degree from the University of Southern California, Santiago returned to the corporate world as a product marketing manager for SGI (Silicon Graphics). Two years later, his entrepreneurial spirit called him to start new businesses in clothing, bicycles, wholesaling and information technology.

In 2005 he moved to South Florida and he joined an organization in the early childhood education industry, where he has enjoyed applying his entrepreneurial, technological and business acumen to help the company grow. This includes founding two schools and leading an organization of six schools with 130 employees.

Today, Santiago is the Chief Development Officer, and oversees all business support functions, strategic growth and new business development. His personal beliefs agree with his company’s vision othat we can change and help the world through education. One of his favorite quotations is, 

“It is not only the world we leave for our children, but it is also the children we leave for our world!”


In his spare time, Santiago loves to spend time with his wife and two sons, playing soccer, and enjoying traveling and photography.

His friend, Carlos gave us an insight into Santiago’s character, saying, 

“Santiago is both a very resourceful and caring individual. Whenever we need help understanding something, he either knows about it or quickly learns, and is willing to explain and help us any way he can.”

Carlos C – Friend

It is his genuine caring and resourcefulness that spurs Santiago to help create a better future for children, and a better world for us all, by educating most vulnerable children in developing countries.  

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